Sign of any strange type of physical symptoms.

Lack of memory and forgetfulness.

Anxiety, depression, panic, fear, restlessness reduction in Self-confidence.

Bored, Mind Loss in study. Mind Loss in any work.

No proper mental and physical development of the child.

Highly Devil's Children.

Extremely angry, aggressive and assaulting nature.

Heavy drug addiction.

Unnecessary Suspecting the peoples and your wife.

High sleep, Lack of sleep(Insomnia), sleep babble or sleepwalk.

Trying to Suicide or talking about suicide.

Talking nonsense, which nobody can understand.

Different Types of Physical Troubles. Pain in Nerves which keep changing the place. Reason of pain do not get caught in any pathological investigation.

Excessive cleaning and worshiping god(What the patient did not do before).

Headache(Pain in head).

Symptoms of stroke. Transient Unconsciousness.

Vibration in the body.

Long hiccups, Vomiting etc.

High suspicion of disease.

Venereal disease, Premature ejaculation, Stress reduction in gender.

Haunted by ghost, deity or goddess.

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