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Official site of  Dr. Rakesh Kumar Paswan MBBS, MD (neuropsychiatry) who is an experienced neuropsychiatrist  of Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh. If you search The Best / Top psychiatrist or neurologist or doctor  of Allahabad you may end up with inconclusive result but if you visit our centre you will surely get conclusive result.

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For calm body and clear mind you can visit to Dr. Rakesh Kumar Paswan


“Just make time for yourself you are also important”

“you deserve to be happy”


“Your recovery is an evolution not a sudden miracle.”

“Do not try to calm the storm if you
calm yourself the storm will pass away”


“Wonder the world outside virtual reality.”

“It’s really OK,  if you had a bad day but it’s not ok to have a bad brain.”


“Healing of brain is really possible.”


Madness is not only mental illness
Madness is not only mental illness

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Mental illness can be cured.